Computer Science Education: 

Advanced Placement CS Principles:

Introductory Computer Science:

App Development:

Sample Lesson Plans:

  • K-8 CS Lesson Plans — Computer Science Fundamentals Accelerated is a 20-hour course designed for 10-18-year-old students. It can be taught once a week in an after-school club, integrated as a unit in a longer technology class, or used as an intro in a computer science class.
  • 15+ Ways to teaching every student to code 
  • Kodable — Programming curriculum for elementary students that also provides resources for parents to continue their child’s education at home
  • Khan Academy — Online courses that can be added to the curriculum to provide a personalized experience for each student
  • Codecademy — Lesson plans and assessment criteria for classes taught using their online courses
  • Weekly Lesson Plans
  • CS Resources for Middle School – Participate in the CS Education Community