Raising Techie Girls


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Raising Techie Girls

This project is based on the notion that “it takes a village to raise a talent”. We need everyone including moms or other caregivers and teachers to raise techie girls. Recent studies have shown that parents are an untapped resource for encouraging children to pursue STEM studies and for countering the prevailing message that STEM is only for boys. To change this, parents can make a huge difference. What parents say or do can influence how their daughters see themselves and their ability to succeed in a STEM career. A Google study on what influences women to pursue computer science shows that simple encouragement from family members, particularly mothers, can drive a girl’s interest in STEM. Studies show that parents can instill in their daughters the self-confidence needed to rebound from a failure. But, many times parents do not know much about STEM, existing fields within STEM and the tools available which can be used to expose their daughters to the broader world of science and technology. But these girls get to see their teachers every day, hence those teachers have a responsibility to encourage STEM interest among girls by pushing them to take risks and go against stereotypes and by raising their confidence in their abilities. This project will engage parents/guardians alongside their 9th and 10th grader daughters and teachers in coding. This is part of an effort to bring STEM awareness to schools, homes and dinner conversations.

This is a free workshop which will be held at USF Sarasota Manatee on Saturday, June 23rd, 9:00 a.m.-4: 00 p.m. The program is sponsored by National Center for Women and Information Technology, Microsoft, and USF-SM. The participants will receive stipends upon the completion of the workshop. All participants will receive stipends for attending the program. Participants will receive an email with more details about the program after the closing of the registration.

We will make exceptions for girls whose parents/guardian/teachers are not available to attend the program.

Teachers participating in this program will receive Professional Development credit for 7 hours.

Click here to Register Now. Space is limited to 20 students, 20 parents (one per student) and one teacher for each participating school.  Registration will close on May 30th unless the seats are filled before the deadline.

Please direct your questions to Dr. Giti Javidi at javidi@usf.edu