Between 2014 and 2024, the number of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) jobs will grow 17%, as compared with 12% for non-STEM jobs but only 36% of all high school graduates are ready to take a college-level STEM course. We are a team of educators with a mission of providing training and workshops in Engineering, Computer Science, Information Technology, Entrepreneurship and Marketing to teachers, parents, and k-12 students.  We believe that without a global view of the world, a global knowledge of markets and audiences, and an entrepreneurship (E) mindset, much creativity, curiosity, invention, and innovation is lost in the next generation. Through integrated/cross-disciplinary E-STEM programs, young people can be doers, creators, thinkers, innovators, and high-impact entrepreneurs in technology. We are committed to transforming K-12 E-STEM education to prepare all students to become STEM-competent and STEM-confident adults.

CSIThub Team:


      Giti Javidi                     Ehsan Sheybani            Neirda Lafontant                   LiLa Rajabion                   Kelly Cowart