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  2. The Ultimate List of AP Teacher Teaching Tips
  3. The Ultimate Guide to the New AP Computer Science Principles Exam & Performance Tasks

Games and Apps for Elementary Students

  1. Lightbot — Designed for children who have had little to no programming experience, this game takes kids through if-then statements and loops by guiding a robot through a maze
  2. Daisy the Dinosaur — Uses a drag and drop interface to animate dancing Daisy the Dinosaur and includes a downloadable kit for students to program their own games
  3. The Foos — Curriculum based on research from MIT that’s been mapped to common core standards; students learn programming in an interactive world
  4. Tynker Games — Interactive games to teach programming concepts as well as the option to let students program their own games
  5. Cargo-bot — Puzzle game that teaches programming concepts by helping a robot move crates

Games and Apps for Middle and High School Students

  1. Minecraft: Education Edition — Use a game that students are already playing to teach them programming principles and allow them to unleash their creativity
  2. Scratch — Allows students to develop games, animations, and beyond and share them with others; ScratchEd also include additional resources for educators
  3. Hopscotch — Game design studio that allows for students to share with others to play on an iPad or iPhone
  4. Alice — Teaches students object-oriented programming in a 3D environment; includes resources for educators to implement into the classroom
  5. Kodu — Game lab developed by Microsoft that allows students to build, play and share games

No Computer Access?

  1. Robot Turtles — Designed for younger students, this board game teaches fundamental programming skills by guiding a turtle through a maze
  2. — Each curriculum set includes “unplugged” activities that can be used on their own, or with the computer focused activities
  3. Code Monkey Island — Board game that teaches students conditional statements, assignment operations, loops and boolean operators
  4. Computer Science Unplugged — Collection of activities that teach computer science through interactive games and puzzles; all completely without a computer